Medical Spa & Wellness

Massages provided by expert hands with massage oil or emulsion work on individual muscle groups. A partial classic massage covers the neck and back, a full classic massage the neck, back, legs, and arms. A classic massage promotes blood circulation in tissue (skin, epidermis, muscles) and allows harmful substances to be flushed more quickly from the body. It relaxes muscular spasms and removes, or at least moderates, pain in the locomotor apparatus. It works positively on back pain, limb or joint pain, and relieves heightened mental and muscular tension.

Our range of services:¬†classic partial and full-body massage, partial and full-body aroma massage, underwater massage, spinal and foot reflexology massage, Chinese massage ‚Äď Tuina, detox honey massage, anti-cellulite massage, HydroJet Massage.